Specialised Equipment

Our impressive range of state-of the-art equipment and industry-leading technologies includes custom-designed vehicles that carry specialist plant and equipment.

  • Wet blasting with all types of media from glass shot to crushed walnut shell
  • Dry grit and specialist vacuum-blasting systems
  • UHP water jetting up to 55,000 psi
  • Waterborne electrostatic applications
  • Graco Polyurea units that deliver up to 16kg of product per minute
  • State-of-the-art testing equipment giving live online results to your Engineer through the 3G and 4G networks.


Quick Strip leads the way in setting and maintaining the highest industry standards.

We offer our clients one of the only Graco WB3000 Electrostatic Waterborne Systems in the southern hemisphere. This incredible coating system atomises and statically charges the atomised paint as it leaves the spray head. Charged, atomised paint particles and a grounded work piece create an electrostatic field that draws the paint particle to the work piece minimising overspray. The charged paint seeks grounded metals and wraps around even the most intricate shapes.

Unlike conventional spray processes, with our system, the paint is statically drawn only to the metal from all directions, so there is no overspray or mess, and with our waterborne systems - there are no odours either.


Quick Strip vehicles are purpose built to the most stringent standards - and we pride ourselves on maintaining BMA compliant mine vehicles and intrinsically safe oil and gas compliant vehicles.

Due to the vastly differing operating conditions and health and safety concerns that are specific to our clients' diverse industries, we ensure that our vehicles comply with specifications appropriate to each site.  

Our vast range of clients reflect the diversity of our expertise and experience

We meet and exceed all relevant health, safety and environmental legislation, codes of practice and guidelines